Confessional Lutheran Groups in the New Network

(Most of the links shown below are to websites in Scandinavian languages)


A group still within the Church of Norway that resists bishops who promote false doctrine concerning same-sex cohabitation and similar issues. Their appeal for alternative oversight was recently rejected by the CoN bishops' conference, and they are now preparing to choose and consecrate an interim overseer while they seek ecumenical help (presumably from Lutheran bishops outside the Church of Norway) in obtaining their own bishop. An English translation of their original appeal is at For Unity's Sake. Their more recent documents are at Carissimi, but not yet translated into English.

The Evangelical-Lutheran Church (DELK)

DELK, founded in 1872, is the oldest Lutheran church body outside the state Church of Norway. It has many congregations in southern Norway, including Vestfold, Telemark, Oslo, Bergen and several other cities. It also operates many schools in these areas.

For Bible and Confessions

FBB is the oldest Confessional movement in Norway, founded in 1919. Based on the Scriptures and Confessions, FBB advises on current issues of preaching and parish work.

The Lutheran Church in Norway

Founded in Oslo in 2005 as MessiasKirken, it has been spreading and now also has services in Bergen and several other places. A primary founder is Rev. Torkild Masvie, who has close connections with LC-MS congregations near Chicago. It has a theological education program with biblical language studies and supplemental programs for theology students (in the Fjellhaug Mission Institute and Menighetsfakultet).

Link to Dr. Al Collver's blog about an October 2010 visit from Rev. Maskie

Valgmenigheter (Freely Chosen Congregations)

A valgmenighet is a congregation set up by those who are not spiritually comfortable in their geographic "home" parish. They do not have formal memberships (their congregants typically come from several Church of Norway parishes and may retain formal membership in their "home" parish). There are Confessional Lutheran valgmenigheter in Tromsø, Balsfjord and Kautokeino (see foto slideshow) that offer regular worship services.

The Mission Province

Founded in 2003 to be a non-geographical "free province" within the Church of Sweden to provide a path to ordination and episcopal supervision for men who had been barred from ordination for holding Confessional views. In 2005, Arne Olsson was consecrated bishop for the Mission Province by Lutheran bishops from several countries. The Mission Province now has active participation in Finland and Norway — and appears to be developing into a pan-Scandinavian movement aimed at re-evangelizing Scandinavia on a Confessional Lutheran basis.