In addition to concern for the religious freedom of believers in Sweden, Americans should pay attention to these developments because bad ideas that start in Sweden have a history of being imported to America!
All too many examples could be cited.
For a current illustration of risks to religious freedom in America,
check this article in Christianity Today

Is there anything we can do to help the Swedish believers?

The Swedish Home School Association (ROHUS) believes the new school law may be wholly or partially reversed after the Riksdag elections scheduled for September.

ROHUS cites discussion with members of the Riksdag and with the Education Department:

"... the Swedish Government is not happy about the international attention the new law ... has attracted. Again, the international help given to Rohus has had a definite effect. ... An optimistic view ... would be that the Swedish Government does not want to see any spectacular cases of exile, political asylum in other countries or homeschoolers put in jail, and that it will do what it can to stop this. ... international pressure will certainly help in this respect. The law could be short-lived."

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