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Consecration of Bishop Risto Soramies - Helsinki - 5 May 2013

The Confessional renewal movement is growing in Scandinavia. Here, bishops and pastors from across Scandinavia
gather in Helsinki 5 May 2013 for the consecration of Bishop Risto Soramies (holding staff).    Foto: ©2013 Samuli Siikavirta

Bringing the Gospel Back to Scandinavia



The Scandinavian Situation

[Numerous articles on more recent advances in Finland, Norway and Sweden need to be added … hopefully soon.]

[Several articles on recent developments in Finland, Norway and Sweden need to be added … hopefully soon.]

Consecration of Bishop Thor Henrik With, March 24, 2012

Consecration of Bishop Thor Henrik With
24 March 2012 in Tromsø

Foto: Boe Johannes Hermansen

Click here for an exciting proposal by LCMS President Matthew Harrison

Report on the 2010 Scandinavian Confessional Lutheran Youth Conference

What is Scandinavia House?
A good question! It is still developing,
but the basic outlines are becoming clear:

Scandinavia House exists to support
the Confessional Lutheran Remnant in Scandinavia.

  • A principal focus is helping Confessional pastors from Scandinavia to study at, especially, Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne.

  • It also serves as an unofficial liaison between Confessional movements in Scandinavia and Confessional Lutherans in the USA …

  • ... and as a source of information on developments in Scandinavia -- particularly concerning the effort to re-evangelize this most secularized region of the Earth.

  • A related goal is to help make the Scandinavian-American community aware of what has happened to the faith in their ancestral homelands …
    and of ways they might be able to help bring the Gospel back to “dem där hemma.”

    We have been disseminating English-language summaries of relevant news from Scandinavia, and plan to expand this service.

    If you would like to receive these summaries,
    please send an email to