What are the issues?

This Analysis page will host pages that examine particular parts of the HHS Mandate controversy.

  • What is the ‘real’ issue (from the perspective of each side)?
    • The battle is often won by the side that can "define" the issue to its advantage. This is called "claiming the moral high ground," or "framing the issue." Selected articles that help frame the issue are summarized briefly on this page.
  • What are the key arguments and responses?
    • Perhaps the most important issue is whetherthe HHS Mandate is actually “costless”. This analysis by an expert in these matters examines this aspect of the HHS ruling and finds it just does not hold up under close inspection.
    • Will the mandate really reduce costs? There is a strong case that it will create a cost explosion.
    • Is this a "War on Women"? Perhaps, but maybe it is HHS that is waging war on women! That's the take of Laura Wegmann. Here are her remarks at the June 30 Religious Freedom Rally in Fort Wayne.
    • Lila Rose of Live action has a similar take in this radio interview about the recent increase in "gendercide" -- abortion for sex selection, which typically means the abortion of unborn babies because they are girls. No, not in India or China, in the United States!
  • What are the Constitutional issues? What about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?
    • Has the First Amendment been trumped by a "compelling government interest"? Is there really such an interest here? If so, is this the "least restrictive means" to pursue it? This page presents a number of articles addressing these questions.
    • Attorney Liz Brown addresses the constitutionality of the HHS Mandate

We hope to post these analyses as quickly “as time and stamina permit.” In the meantime, we'll start by adding links to particularly helpful articles that illustrate key points. Users are invited to send links to particularly good, succinct articles illustrating key points to Leviticus25.10@gmail.com [at the risk of swamping our meager editorial resources!].