June 28, 2013: HHS publishes 'final rule' on abortion mandate


The HHS has published the 'final rule' establishing the contraception/abortion mandate. The rule holds, among other things, that one forfeits all conscience rights upon entering a business. It establishes what can only be called a "shell game" under which some religious entities can pretend they are not providing contraception/abortion coverage -- but this coverage must be provided at no (additional) cost by the insurance carrier to every covered person. HHS claims the authority to demand this by 'finding' that such coverage is costless, and actually saves money. But HHS arrives at this conclusion by counting the costs of birth and health care for children as avoided costs -- in other words, by eliminating children!
This analysis demonstrates the logical flaw in the HHS finding:
An early analysis by the Becket Fund is at this link:

The full text of the HHS decision is at this link:

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July 1, 2013: Marriage Rally at Allen County Courthouse


Shepherds United, a group of 140 pastors in Allen County, IN, is sponsoring a rally in defense of traditional marriage.
The rally is at Noon on the East Lawn of the Allen County Courthouse.
The Supreme Court is likely to have announced its decisions in two marriage related cases before then.

More info:

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Time is Running Out to Repeal the Mandate!


Unless Congress acts, the HHS abortion mandate takes full effect August 1, 2013.
It is time to contact your Senators and Representative to demand action!
For more detail, read here:

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August 11 Rally attracts about 400


The most recent STAND UP FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Rally in Fort Wayne was held Saturday, August 11 on the East Front of the Allen County Courthouse.

  • Congressman Marlin Stutzman reported on efforts in Washington to stop the HHS Mandate and other assaults on religious liberty.
  • Dr. Tom McGovern gave a physician’s perspective on how Obamacare will affect doctors and their patients, particularly their religious liberties. The text of his talk is at this link. Or see the video here.
  • Mrs. Christy Stutzman gave a woman's perspective on Obamacare. The text of her talk is here. And here is the video.
  • Mike Ripley of Old National Insurance discussed Obamacare and the Mandates from the perspective of an insurance carrier (employee benefits carrier)
  • Pat Miller spoke on what we can do here in Fort Wayne to defend religious liberty.
  • Attendance was estimated at a bit over 400.

The next rally is scheduled for October, date and details to be announced soon.

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Federal Court Blocks Enforcement of HHS Mandate


The really great thing about this is that the court has recognized the conscience rights of a business owner. The mandate doesn’t just infringe on the liberty of religious-affiliated institutions, of course; it also harms the liberty of individual believers whom the mandate forces to violate their own consciences, the teachings of their faith.

This is “only” a temporary injunction to prevent enforcement while the case is being tried … but such injunctions are generally not issued unless the court finds that there is a substantial likelihood or a strong likelihood that the party seeking the order will prevail in the final outcome.

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