Details Coming for April 17 Stand Together Event


St. Paul's is finalizing details for the Stand Together Event, now scheduled for mid-day April 17. Basically, we will gather at Noon in the sanctuary at St. Paul's (there is ample parking), and walk over to the Cathedral, arriving at the end of their Noon Mass. Bishop Rhoades and his flock will greet us at the West Entrance and we will have a brief, but joyous celebration of the facts that Christ is Risen and Christ is Lord. We will present our letters of support and literally stand together with those who are the primary target of the current assault on Religious Liberty. The event should be finished by about 1:00. Indiana District President Dan May will take part, and we welcome all other pastors and congregation members. PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW MANY TO EXPECT, ESPECIALLY HOW MANY WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT THEIR OWN LETTERS. Send an email to Further details to come "soon."

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Religious Freedom Rally in Fort Wayne March 23


The Stand Up For Relgious Freedom rallies held Friday, March 23 in 140 cities nationwide were a tremendous success. In Fort Wayne about 500 people braved the rain to gather on the East Front of Allen County Courthouse. Representatives of local religious communities and local officials spoke on the 2nd anniversary of passage of Obamacare. Senator Dan Coats and Senate candidate Richard Mourdock sent letters of support (other Indiana leaders were contacted, but perhaps a bit late for a response). Congressman Stutzman did not get back from Washington in time, but was represented by his Chief of Staff, Tim Harris.

Next up: We Stand Together with Bishop Rhoades on April 17 at mid-day. Further details to come.

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HHS to expand mandate

  • The Obama Administration is moving to expand the contraception/abortifacient mandate so that all higher education institutions (including religious schools) would have to cover students in addition to employees. The Advance Notice of Proposed Rule-making also explores how self-insured entities will be subjected to the mandate. There is a 90 day window for public comments.
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Check back often


Please check back often for updated news. Comments will be turned off for news items, to avoid clutter; but we hope to establish a separate forum page for discussion. First, however, there is a massive amount of material yet to be posted.

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