Saint Ansgar, the "Apostle of the North," is credited with first bringing the Gospel to Scandinavia in the Ninth Century. The work was very difficult then, as it is now. The first churches he planted were destroyed. The work had to be restarted repeatedly — then and again today.

Bringing the Gospel Back to Scandinavia

Once a solid, vibrant Lutheran stronghold, Scandinavia today is probably the most secularized region of the Western world. Spiritually, Scandinavians have become “the people that dwell in darkness.” Scandinavia is filled with large, beautiful, empty churches. This has not happened by accident.

It is probably the case today that a randomly selected African has a better chance than a randomly selected Scandinavian of hearing the Gospel clearly preached. The leadership of the “Lutheran” national churches is thoroughly apostate, and working steadily to expunge the remaining Confessional Lutheran pastors and block ordination of new ones.

But God always preserves a faithful remnant. Recently that remnant has begun to stir. A Confessional renewal has begun to spread across Scandinavia, like the faint glimmer of the first early dawn after long winter darkness. After a long drought, faithful men are being ordained once again and faithful believers gathered.

Lutherans in America have played an important role in encouraging and supporting this Confessional renewal in Scandinavia. The seminaries of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod have been particularly key. Opportunities are developing for continuing and expanding this mission support.

The history and culture of Scandinavia have created a rather unique spiritual environment. The Confessional renewal movement remains convinced that Word and Sacrament ministry is the essential tool of the Church to be applied in this unique Scandinavian context.

    This website consists of a number of articles and sections that attempt to explain
  • what happened in Scandinavia to bring about this disaster,
  • what is happening now to re-evangelize the region, and also
  • how we can help — with special focus on an exciting new project that shows proven promise of making a substantial contribution to this mission work.

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