3 September 2014: ILC Chairman meets with Nordic Confessional Bishops

Bishop Hans-Jörg Voigt, Chairman of the International Lutheran Council (ILC), met with leaders of the three Nordic Confessional Lutheran Mission Dioceses September 3 in Helsinki to discuss future relationships.
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15 June 2013: Danish Remnant Breaks Fellowship with Same-sex Marriage Supporters

The presidents of eight Danish conservative Christian organizations urged believers to boycott Church of Denmark (Folkekirken) bishops and pastors who support same-sex weddings, as well as pastors living in relationships “that God’s Word warns against.” Some of these organizations had previously avoided suggesting any break with the Folkekirken.
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June 2013: Fifth Annual Nordic Confessional Lutheran Youth Conference

Young Confessional Lutherans from ten countries gathered in Turku, Finland for the fifth annual Corpus Christi conference. For a report on the conference, click here.

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4 May 2013: New Confessional Finnish Diocese consecrates first bishop

Bishop Matti Väisänen of the Mission Province consecrated Risto Soramies as the first bishop for the new Evangelical-Lutheran Mission Diocese in Finland. Confessional Lutheran leaders from across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe gathered for the consecration. Here is a photo story from one of the congregations of the new diocese.

16 March 2013: Confessional Finns form new diocese

Twenty-two congregations of Luther Foundation Finland (Luther-Säätiö) have joined with three independent Confessional congregations to form a new, non-territorial diocese. Discussions and preparations for the re-organization have been under way for the past year. The development reflects the rapid growth of confessional congregations in Finland. Here is a report on the blog of Rev. Tapani Simojoki, a Finnish pastor serving in England.

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