Harrison proposal

Rev. Matthew Harrison visits Bishop Walter Obare in Kenya in 2003

LCMS President Harrison Urges Scholarships For Confessional Students from Abroad

In March 2010 LCMS President Matthew Harrison wrote about Archbishop Walter Obare of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya. He singled out Abp Obare's leadership in Kenya and his courageous support of the Confessional Remnant in Scandinavia (and included a link to this website's page about the consecration in Helsinki of a Confessional bishop for the Mission Province in Finland).

Pastor Harrison noted that Archbishop Obare had done graduate studies at Concordia Seminary St. Louis, and that this experience had equipped and emboldened him for the tremendous and courageous things he has accomplished in Kenya and internationally.

Then Pastor Harrison made a “modest proposal” that LCMS provide $4 million per year to bring Confessional students from abroad to study at the LCMS seminaries — emphasizing the tremendous impact this would have in spreading the Gospel.

He wrote, “Think of a hundred Obares A YEAR going home to Asia, to Russia, to Eastern Europe, to India, to Indonesia, to Madagascar, to central and South America!”

And surely, he would add Scandinavia!

Read Pastor Harrison's tribute to Archbishop Obare and his proposal at his blog entry.

Read how President Harrison's proposal is being implemented on the Global Seminary Initiative page.

The 2013 LCMS National Offering goal for the Global Seminary Initiative is $200,000. You can make a donation toward this goal at the LCMS National Offering site.